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Welcome to the Daffodil International Symposium on Hospitality 2020

‘On 10th September 2020, Daffodil International University (DIU) will host an online international symposium that will bring together senior representatives from the hospitality industry, government and academia, to address critical issues facing hospitality education in Bangladesh and worldwide. This event will also mark the forthcoming launch of the Daffodil Oxford Centre of Excellence for Hospitality, a new specialist learning institute located within DIU. 

The Daffodil Centre of Excellence for Hospitality (DOCEH)

DOCEH aims to be a respected educational institute that prepares graduates for successful and fulfilling careers in the international hospitality industry. Its distinctive educational provision will combine experiential, hands-on learning with rigorous theoretical study in the fields of international hospitality management and culinary arts. 

In addition to delivering outstanding educational programmes, DOCEH will become known for working in close partnership with industry; for its strong relationships with other educational institutes, internationally; for leading conversation about responsible leadership (in areas including social enterprise and the empowerment of women); and for using hospitality and the culinary arts to promote positive perceptions of Bangladesh culture around the world.’

  • To identify and analyze the nature and impact of the skills deficit in the Bangladesh hospitality industry.
  • To explore creative solutions to tackling the skills gap.
  • To build a collective network of hospitality professionals committed to supporting the Daffodil Oxford Centre for Excellence in Hospitality.
  • Students
  • Educators
  • Hospitality professionals

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What We Offer
  1. Community of practice
  2. Employment opportunities for students
  3. Services to business – entrepreneurial network
  4. Round-table discussions
  5. Mentoring
  6. Training
  7. Links to student learning
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