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Mr Farooq Sobhan

Ambassador Farooq Sobhan is the President and CEO of the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) which was established in October 2000. BEI is an independent research institute committed to the development of the private sector in Bangladesh and which is involved in a variety of research projects relating to the improvement of the investment climate in Bangladesh, the development of the SME sector, Public-Private partnerships, regional cooperation in South Asia, Indo-Bangladesh relations, Sino-Bangladesh relations, and also work on Counter Terrorism in Bangladesh. BEI also serves as a regular platform for dialogue between the government and the private sector on various policy issues of concern to the private sector.

Ambassador Sobhan was Executive Chairman, Board of Investment (BOI) and Special Envoy to the Prime Minister 1997-1999 and Foreign Secretary 1995-1997. He has also served as Ambassador/High Commissioner to India, China, Malaysia and the United Nations. He visited Washington and the United Nations in New York in May 2007 as the Special Envoy of the Present Caretaker Government, with the rank and status of a Cabinet Minister.



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Mr Roberto Daniele

Roberto Daniele is an Educator, Social Entrepreneur and World Cycle-tourer.  Now based in Melbourne, Australia, Roberto is the Founder of Changemakers’ Lab, a social enterprise consultancy that works with educational institutions to develop social entrepreneurship programs and with municipal governments to facilitate the social enterprise ecosystems.Roberto’s work also includes being the “Entrepreneur in Residence” for a leading accelerator programme in the Australian social enterprise sector.

Roberto has a long track record of involvement in the social entrepreneurship sector (both as an educator and as founder & director of social enterprises) and his passion and work in the field has been recognised internationally. Between 2012 and 2016 Roberto developed and was Project Leader for OBSEA (Oxford Brookes Social Entrepreneur Awards) a university wide, year-long program supported by HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council of England) and UnLtd (the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship) developed to Find, Fund and Support social entrepreneurs in the University ecosystem.




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Ms Anna Pollock

Ms Anna Pollock

Former Director, Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne and Hotelschool the Hague

Anna Pollock has extensive experience as a researcher, strategist and change catalyst serving the international tourism and hospitality sectors. She is passionate about the capacity of tourism and hospitality to generate well-being, wealth and welfare for people and places provided that it is managed properly (i.e. with respect for the interdependence and connectedness of all life and in harmony with the laws of nature).  As a visionary thinker, Anna has shaped tourism industry practice over more than 40 years in areas including wellness and sustainability; the recognition of Climate Change and its impact; the transformative impact of technology; and a deep shift in values underpinning the emergence of more mindful, discerning travellers.

Anna Pollock


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Dr. Donald Sloan

Donald Sloan is Founder and Chair of the Oxford Cultural Collective, an international educational and cultural institute working in the fields of hospitality and gastronomy (https://oxfordculturalcollective.com/).  Much of his work is focused on the creation of new educational centres in partnership with universities, in multiple locations internationally. Prior to founding the Oxford Cultural Collective, Donald was Head of the Oxford School of Hospitality Management at Oxford Brookes University, a position he held from 2003 to 2017. In that role he was responsible for the performance of the School across all of its key areas of activity – the provision of an outstanding student experience, the production of internationally recognised research, productive engagement with industry and other external bodies, and reputation enhancement. Throughout his tenure the school received many plaudits, including being ranked in the top three hospitality schools the world in 2016 at the prestigious Worldwide Hospitality Awards. Donald is a Trustee of the Jane Grigson Trust, a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, an Honorary Fellow of the Council for Hospitality Management Education and elected member of St Cross College, University of Oxford. He holds a Master of Business Administration in Higher Education Management from University College London (UCL).