Mr Aktar Islam

Chef and Restaurateur (UK-based)

Aktar Islam is a multiple award-winning English Michelin-starred chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur. He launched Opheem in June 2018 and launched his new Italian restaurant, Legna in winter 2018, followed by his Argentine restaurant Pulperia in March 2020. His new group of restaurants concentrate on celebration of ingredients and are dedicated to gastronomy. Opheem, Legna, & Pulperia have opened to critical acclaim and Opheem received its first Michelin star in October 2019. 

The AI Restaurant Group now has three restaurants and there are plans for further growth.  It is steered by Aktar’s focus on product led cooking and on his commitment to providing opportunities for career development for your chefs. In June 2011, Aktar cemented his culinary credentials by winning the BBC Great British Menu television series.