Mr Farooq Sobhan

Former Diplomat and Chair, BEI

Ambassador Farooq Sobhan is the President and CEO of the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) which was established in October 2000. BEI is an independent research institute committed to the development of the private sector in Bangladesh and which is involved in a variety of research projects relating to the improvement of the investment climate in Bangladesh, the development of the SME sector, Public-Private partnerships, regional cooperation in South Asia, Indo-Bangladesh relations, Sino-Bangladesh relations, and also work on Counter Terrorism in Bangladesh. BEI also serves as a regular platform for dialogue between the government and the private sector on various policy issues of concern to the private sector.

Ambassador Sobhan was Executive Chairman, Board of Investment (BOI) and Special Envoy to the Prime Minister 1997-1999 and Foreign Secretary 1995-1997. He has also served as Ambassador/High Commissioner to India, China, Malaysia and the United Nations. He visited Washington and the United Nations in New York in May 2007 as the Special Envoy of the Present Caretaker Government, with the rank and status of a Cabinet Minister.